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BioAgePeel is an innovative, medical & chemical stimulator based on trichloroacetic, kojic and mandelic acid. The product’s action is based on deep stimulation of the skin without damaging the outer layers of the epidermis. The intensive process of skin revitalization takes place without the effect of exfoliation and damage to the photoprotective structures of the skin, making the treatment safe for the whole year.
The combination of product components activates the Skin Stress Response System (SSRS) and triggers biologically active peptide hormones, including beta-endorphins – acting as skin stimulators for fibroblasts, keratinocytes and glycosaminoglycans. The preparation intensifies epidermis proliferation, multiplication of skin support fibers and endogenous hyaluronic acid, as a result of which the skin becomes visibly tense and rejuvenated. Additionally, the product promotes the growth factors of the epidermis, which are fundamental for proper trophism and appearance of the skin, as well as the growth factor of the vascular endothelium, which is important for proper metabolism and blood supply to the skin. As a result of BioAgePeel, the skin becomes visibly younger, tighter and more toned and the symptoms of ageing are effectively reduced.

INFINI Premium BioAgePeel is a complex of biologically active acid substances:

Trichloroacetic acid [carboxylic acid] 20%
– Excellent improvement in the tonicity, the gloss and the smoothness of the skin
– Great action on cutaneous dyschromia and on acneic lesions
– It is used against superficial keratosis and first signs of aging (fine lines, dullness, photoaging)

Kojic acid [alpha-hydroxyacid ] 4%
– High whitening and depigmenting action
– Excellent inhibitor of melanogenesis
– It is used in melasma, chloasma, senile lentigo, solar lentigo and dark circles treatments.

Mandelic acid [alpha-hydroxyacid] 5%
– Great action on superficial wrinkles
– Brightening action on dull skin
– Acne prevention thanks to its anti-bacterial property
– Depigmenting action that works on skin blemishes caused by photoaging
– It treats pimples and comedones signs

• intensification of effects of other aesthetic
• chronological ageing of the skin
• photo aging
• wrinkles and sagging of the skin
• discoloration and pigmentation stains
• acne and its consequences
• scars
• enlarged pores and uneven skin structure
• abnormal skin tone


• high effectiveness and immediate effect
• multilevel and selective skin stimulation
• high TCA content with maximum skin tolerance
• no frosts, exfoliation and convalescence time
• painless and safe
• can be combined with other treatment protocols
• dedicated for all skin types and age groups
• year-round treatment
• medical device class II
• suitable for all ages
• fast absorbing