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Dr Matteo Barone

For many years, he has been a medical expert in Allergology and Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a teacher and lecturer in this field. With extensive clinical experience in treating acutely ill patients with internal medicine, pneumonology, allergology and immune disorders, she is able to holistically assess the patient’s general condition and select the best anti-aging and aesthetic management plan. He believes that the patient is the business card of the aesthetic doctor, and that health and natural appearance are the goals that should guide each visit.



Dr Maria Medina

Dr Maria Medina is an Ecuadorian Aesthetic Practitioner based in Sheffield-England. Dr Maria holds a Bachelor of Medicine with a Degree in Surgery and Midwifery from Ecuador, a Diploma in Theoretical Bases of Anesthesiology from Chile. Additionally, she completed her Aesthetics training in the United Kingdom with a vast expertise in Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle treatment, Skin Boosters, Platelet-Rich Plasma, etc. Dr Maria is the brain and face of her own business: @dr.maria.medina. She is a truly lover of subtle tweaks and natural results, huge admirer of all
aesthetic professionals who can bring self-confidence and happiness to their patients with a non-surgical aesthetical treatment. Her mantra: “Art and science behind every treatment”. Ethic, quality, respect, and integrity are her values. Dr Maria is caring, fun, dog lover, focus detail, self-driven, pride of her work and confident that many good things are coming for her and her career.

United kingdom


Dr Helena Suominen

Official trainer in Finland and Estonia for Infini Premium Filler products. Helena has worked as a nurse since 1978. Helena has been on the aesthetic side since 2002. The trainings are held both as basic trainings for those just starting out in the field and as further trainings for those who have already worked in the field. Currently, the options are small groups and private training. The main locations for training are Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Tampere, other locations by agreement.



Dr Sybilla Brzozowska-Mańkowska

Doctor of aesthetic medicine, doctor of hyperbaria and diving medicine, doctor of medical rehabilitation, specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Doctor of Medicine in general surgery.

Creator of innovative methods of PDO thread implantation in anti-aging therapy for the face, neck and body. Creator of a new method of lip filling with full consideration of anatomical differences. Creator of a method for post-traumatic and post-surgical facial reconstruction.

She represents an innovative approach to the problems of aging skin and therapies that combine advanced technologies with the best quality preparations. She is a believer in a procedure that reverses the signs of aging, but without changing facial expressions or facial shape.



Dr Viviana Kalmar

Vividenti Kalmar Implant Dentistry

Dr Viviana Kalmar has two Dentist Clinics in Rijeka in Croatia and has a very good practical degree and decade of experience in Anti Aging procedures

Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro


Dr Nathalie Domloj

Yugen Care Clinic Dubai

15 years of experience in the Aesthetic Dermatology field, fellow of  the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine, USA (2013), winner of Best Skin Therapist, South Africa (2017), and renowned Certified Advanced Trainer for face and body Threads, and for face and body Fillers.

United Arab Emirates


Dr Quynh Tu Hoang Nguyen

DrQ – Medical Cosmetic Clinic

Has an international subspecialty in cosmetic treatments both invasive and non-invasive. She graduated as doctor in 2011 and since then worked targeted towards the cosmetic field business. Already in 2005, she established experiences with it cosmetic industry as she worked for several exclusive cosmetic clinics in London i.a. in Chelsea and Harley Str. Since then, things have gone super fast with establishing and using that knowledge and experience.



Dr Tom Haugland

Fillox clinic, oslo

Tom’s specialist field is facial contouring as well as nose and chin corrections with hyaluronic acid fillers and thread lifts.



Dr Basim Zaki

Professor of  Surgery

Senior Faculty of the International Aesthetic Board, UK. Former director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Ain Shams University specialized hospital Member of Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery. Member of Egyptian Academy of Aesthetic Surgery.  Member of American Society of Plastic Surgery ISAPS.  Member of European Society of Laser and Light



Dr Ahmed Yahya

Pars Medical Center Manama

Aesthetic Physician, in the field of Aesthetic medicine since 2010. International trainer of non-surgical aesthetic procedures including fillers, botox, mesotherapy, and non-surgical thread remodeling. Conference Speaker



Dr Roberto Florencia P.

International Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging, active member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). His figure is a regular reference in conferences, seminars, scientific study courses that address aesthetics. He has trained more than 5,000 professionals in Ecuador in the correct use of Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin with the support of the Ecuadorian Medical Federation and the Guayas Medical Association.


Tetyana Kuznetsova

The doctor is a dermatologist. Cosmetologist with 17 years of experience. International trainer of aesthetic and injection techniques. The author of the quick technique „Perfect lips in 7 minutes” and the training method „Hand in Hand” Judge of international championships in cosmetology



Dr Abdulsalam Altabib

Alraya Alshamela Clinic

Consultant plastic surgery and asthetic medicine. Member of ISAPS (international socity of asthetic and plastic surgery). Head of plastic surgery Department of libyan socity of asthetic medicine and laser therapy. Alraya Alshamela Clinic. Hayalandalus area.



Dr Kira Filippova

Dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist specializing in plastic surgery with 17 years of professional experience. Certified trainer of the Swiss brand Teoxane with 10 years of experience. Certified trainer of injection and thread techniques.  Co-author of the book „New Cosmetology”; edited by E. Hernandez. Conducted more than 1000 seminars on aesthetic medicine in Russia and Europe. Author of more than 500 articles in professional periodicals on aesthetic medicine on the most pressing topics,


Dr Alex Sajjad

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Specialist in General Medicine and Aesthetic practitioner based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has previously worked as Resident in Rheumatology at Kings Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm and been chief of various skin departments in Sweden. The screening of skin cancer was among his highest priorities. Dr Alex has completed his Aesthetic training both in Sweden and in United Kingdom and attained a title called “Master in Aesthetic injectables”. Having a vast knowledge and experience in Aesthetic medicine (Botox, Fillers, PDO Threads, Skin boosters etc.) he normally educates hundreds of medical professionals in Aesthetic courses every year.


Dr Onder Bahjat Koprulu

Specialist in Plastic surgery (1995-Iraq)and specialist in Dermatology(2001-Turkey)
Places of work:The F medical center-Qatar.



Dr Vasiliki Vosinioti




Dr Kateryna Gasser-Celik

Exito Beauty Clinic


Leyla Ahmadova

Dr Leyla Ahmadova

Rosie Beauty Lab, Baku



Dr Ngoc Anh

Exito Beauty Clinic



Dr Tolga Şahin

Barbaros mah. Morsünbül Istanbul



Dr Rabaa Alhasan



Dr Ham Ramez



Dr Joana Muralha Teiseira



Dr Randa AlKhaleel

New Life Clinic


Dr Nour Abd Alameer Aljibury

BDS, Lana clinic Babylon


Dr Zeid Al-Samkari