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mesopenONE II ™

micro-needling device

mesopenONE II ™ is an innovative device for professional micro-needling and fractional skin mesotherapy treatments.  mesopenONE™ is one of the most advanced devices Automated Meso Micro- Needling and DermaStamp causing rejuvenation of the skin and eliminating its imperfections. mesopenONE™ effectively reduces wrinkles, minimizes pores, post-surgery and acne scars.

In addition, the use of mesopenONE™ results in strong thickening of the skin, improvement of its structure, increasing its tension and cohesiveness.


Disposable treatment cartridges are a guarantee of safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Each of the cartridges has smooth regulation of needle advancement in the range of 0,25 – 2,5mm. Adjustable needle length during treatment allows for safe and comfortable procedure on every area of face and body. High frequency of punctures (up to 22.000 punctures) adjustable on 6 levels allowing to reduce treatment time and adjusting treatment intensity to individual skin needs.


How does mesopenONE II™ work

Perforation of the skin provokes the formation of controlled skin damage, which activates repairing processes stimulating the synthesis of connective tissue support fibers (dermis). As a result of micro punctures inflammation and vascular angiogenesis are initiated, thanks to which the skin visibly smoothest and its metabolism and oxygenation increases.

The formation of skin microchannels also facilitates the absorption and transport of active substances applied externally to the skin. Thanks to its multidimensional action, mesopenONE™ causes thickening of the skin and enables its strong conditioning.

Wireless device – mesopenONE II ™ device has a wireless high-powered motor, enabling a comfortable work for up to 4 hours after being fully charged.